Why Leadership Teams Must Make Time To Meet

Why Leadership Teams Must Make Time To Meet

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Business owners and leaders push back when we recommend the leadership team take time to meet on a regular basis. They often say, “everyone is too busy to take time away from their jobs.”

That response is a big red flag on many levels.

  1. Leaders must be able to set aside time to think and strategize together about the business, as that is one of their primary roles.

    Developing their functional teams is crucial to this end, as leaders who micromanage or don’t trust their teams will find it difficult to step away from the tactical work. Yes, there are busy times when a leadership team meeting is not ideal, yet successful leaders must commit to time outside the office.

  2. Making the time to collaborate and think strategically about where the business is going is critical for long-term success in any business.

    We work with many leadership teams where the business owner or CEO has a short- and long-term vision but the top executives don’t know what it is. For this reason, they are not aligned on priorities.

    In order to make solid decisions, leaders need to understand and agree on where they are and where they intend to take the business.

  3. The time team leaders spend with each other is key to building solid working relationships across the entire company.

    Businesses can no longer operate in silos. Collaboration across functions is essential. When the top leaders understand each other’s departments and have good working relationships, those good connections ripple down through their teams.

    This positive cascade impacts the entire organization. As a result, conflicts are minimized and working relationships flourish.


The General Counsel (GC) at a large global organization runs a department of fifteen legal professionals who interact with every other department, managing contracts and agreements.

Spending time in offsites and one-on-one meetings with the other department leaders helps the GC understand how those departments work and what challenges they face. She then brings that understanding back to the legal team, so they can work smarter to support every part of the organization.

The meetings the GC attends outside of her department are not wasted time. They make the entire organization stronger.

Is your company making time for its senior leaders to get on the same page, strategize, and build better relationships with each other? We can help you optimize that time to build a high-performing executive leadership team where everyone is in sync.

Let’s talk about how to get you there.

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