How to begin aligning your leadership team

How to begin aligning your leadership team

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Whenever we start coaching leadership teams, one of the first things we often notice is that they are all intensely busy attending to current metrics and the delivery of short-term goals. Those are the concerns that occupy their minds and their conversations.

But one glaring thing is missing from their field of view: the big picture of where the business is going; that inspiring and all-empowering idea of what they are there to build together in the long term. And they’re missing the electrifying energy that comes with it.


The importance of having a clear vision is talked about a lot in the context of leadership, teamwork, and high performance. Yet, it is frequently left unaddressed. Even leaders and teams who claim they have a vision often don’t have the clarity they think they do or treat it as a side note on their agenda.

Here’s the problem: Leadership teams can’t stay aligned for long if they lack a solid vision. Because what that vision brings is sustainability. Of effort, enthusiasm, focus…which ultimately lead to business sustainability.

It is easy to concentrate on the month’s or quarter’s numbers and objectives. But when everyone does that week after week, without being vividly aware of the big picture, they tend to forget why they are hustling and bustling in the first place.

Engagement and motivation start to plummet and with them, so does collaboration because people fail to see past their immediate individual goals and needs. The team – and the company as a whole – become more vulnerable to external crises and volatility.

On the contrary, when people sense they are part of something bigger than themselves, something that requires their unique talents but can only be accomplished by working together, they’re bound to feel a sense of pride and be more fulfilled by the work, more eager to cooperate.

A strong vision not only brings everyone in alignment; it makes the team more resilient and determined to overcome the ups and downs of the business.

This feeling must be had and owned by every layer of the company, not just the leadership team.

For example, when Zappos started their online shoe business, their leaders cast a bold vision of creating a great place to work first and serve their customers, second.  Everyone knew the vision, and it created an unparalleled level of energy and passion for the business that excited every employee and every customer.  

At a time when we seem to be rudderless at a global, national, local, and sometimes even personal level, a strong vision can infuse your team with confidence, purpose, and calm, increasing alignment and performance.

Do you have a vision that every employee is clear on? This is the perfect time to re-group and check on that.

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