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Leadership Team Development and Facilitation

A company’s distinction and competitive advantage starts with its leadership team. Yet a group of talented leaders don’t automatically make an effective executive team.

The team has tremendous talent – both individually and as a whole – but members keep getting in each other’s (and their own) way. It’s frustrating and exhausting to know the potential is there but not fully utilized.

Realizing what you are truly capable of, both together and alone, and how to make the most of it in every moment is exhilarating and empowering. Let’s get you there.

Your Leaders Roadmap is...


Built on what’s great about your executive team


Grounded in your unique reality


Easy and clear to implement

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Leadership Team Building

Grow your leadership team to exemplify the company’s mission, vision, and values, building a culture of cohesion and excellence that will attract and optimize top talent, driving results even in the most challenging circumstances.

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Leaders Coaching

Your executive team – and your company – needs all its leaders’ voices. We help you and your leaders grow into the standouts you know you can be, developing each person’s leadership style most in line with who they are to confidently bring out the best in themselves and others.

Working with Orla and Susan came at an ideal time for our teams’ transformation. Individual coaching and teamwork made a huge difference in how the executive leadership team works through tough challenges. Plus, my HR team learned how to work so much smarter together and is serving their stakeholders with more powerful relationships. They completely upped the bar on the energy and connections on our teams.

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Working with Orla and Susan during the pandemic was a gift to us.
Our team had to have so many hard conversations to get our people back to work in an extraordinarily difficult market. Working with them was so helpful to all of us.

Nicholas Saccaro PRESIDENT,

The coaching helped me transform how I am running our team’s sales function. Every day the team confirms our daily roadmap, which gives us clarity on what we need to deliver. The result? We are innovating and selling well in an incredibly challenging marketplace.

Steve Knipstein SVP SALES,

Orla and Susan helped our executive team understand how to be more direct and clearer when we talk to each other, so we can have healthy and constructive conflict. The results have been worth the time and investment.            

Ray Sciuckas PRESIDENT,



We take different leadership team development models and adapt them to your situation, based on what is already working and what needs to be addressed, building a vision for where you want to go.


We uncover your leadership team’s greatest strengths and where you’re stopping short of them, and how to leverage each other’s talents to make your work more effortless and effective.

By conducting stakeholders’ interviews, we bring you straight feedback and help you put it into context to identify practical steps for improvement.

We customize the work to guarantee maximum engagement for all team members. Our compassionate yet challenging approach pushes everyone to become the best they can be, validating each person’s contribution.

We give you the tools to turn any challenge into a winning outcome, whether it’s navigating hard conversations, building trust, developing emotional intelligence, anticipating collaboration issues before they become problems, and so on.

Read our post about the process we use to help you create a personalized executive team roadmap.